Monday, July 25, 2011

Been a long time

So much has happened life has taken a few twist.  One got a promotion so my job and career have taken a front seat to almost everything.  First off I am going to start with WTG Boston Bruins.  We also now have FOOTBALL again so go PATS!

That is enough of sports.

I also got a new phone since the last time I posted no more Blackberry for me got a Samsung Epic and I freaking love this phone.  Been a flashaholic LOL. I have run most of the roms for the Epic that are posted on XDA forums. Currently running one that isn't allowed to be posted on XDA because of the rules.  I am running on both mine and the wifes a rom called Bonsai very stable and great battery life.  The wife can get 4 days out of a full charge with moderate text.  I get a full day out of it with over 3 hours listening to music and a ton of text.

Went to Mayhem in Mansfield what a great time. All my videos are here.

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