Friday, December 10, 2010

The art of 5 card draw

I know I said no sports talk but really is poker a sport?  What is up with people is my main question?  No I am not an expert or a pro at poker but I know how to play very well.  I know the odds on my hands and I know the ranking of hands.  I would go to Foxwoods or Mohegan if I could afford to go but I can't so I don't.  When you go to places like that you can't expect to walk out of there a winner or break even you have to expect to lose.  Which I can not afford to do.  I play at FULL TILT and they have recently added draw games along with stud which I do know how to play but really haven't, because I really like draw.  I have won 3 6 person tourney's in the last 2 weeks using what I am telling you.  No there not big buy ins only 5 or 6 dollar.  Now on with my point.  I get that you get excited over 4 cards of the same suit or 4 to a straight, but do you really know your odds at a 6 person table and everyone is in the pot, what the odds are of you hitting what you need?  Even if more then one other person besides the blinds is in the pot.  The odds are very slim and when I say very that is a understatement!  No I am not going to give you numbers because you can find those anywhere on the net also those numbers are just the odds of you hitting those combos without consideration of how many people are in the pot.  The only time you should ever try to draw to those hands is if you are in the blind (preferably in the big blind) with NO raises behind you and the blinds are low.  Well I am on that subject if the blinds are mediocre and you are in the small blind it still is not ok to go for those.  The way I look at it is if you have to put money in it isn't ok.  If your limping in it is ok sometimes but don't make a habit of it.   Also it is all right for you to throw in a low to middle pair if you are out of position by position I mean not in the blinds and raises behind you. Do not raise on a pair unless it is Ace's or a picture cards also known was Jack, Queen or King pre-draw.  I really don't advise pre-draw raise unless you have trips or better.  Now for after the draw it is ok if you hit the trips to raise but watch what other people discard if they discard 3 it would be a good move yes you could lose by a better set of trips but hell it is poker.  If a person discards 1 or 2 cards this could mean they have 2 pair or trips.  It could also mean they are doing what I advise NOT to do and drawing to a flush or straight.  They could get lucky one way to tell is if you bet first, bet half the pot see what they do if they hit they will raise.  Then the question becomes what did they hit the trips or a boat or the straight or flush.  You usually know the answer once your blinds get up to hundreds how that person plays.  Which brings me to another thing watch how people bet and on what sometimes you might have to go against them early just to know what they are doing later.  One thing you NEVER want to do is try to bluff it usually will back fire.  I do it to catch people off guard for when I have a killer hand they will think I am bluffing again and go in with me.  This is used on a per-game basis.  Keep in mind boys and girls this isn't hold'em where you can luck out with a lot of cards it is 5 card and your options are limited.  OH btw stay away from the ones labeled TD those are triple draw and it is the lowest hand wins. Which goes against all of my instincts LOL.

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  1. I guess I should stop using my hold em approach then lol.