Sunday, November 14, 2010

No sports talk on my page and why.

In case you have not noticed I originally put in my header that I would be talking about sports well I just removed that.  Why?  Because I am actually posting with my son on his blog that is all about sports.  Here is the link for the sports talk yes it is mostly related to Boston teams for now and mostly football.  You may ask but why?  The short answer is Boston fans are fanatics when it comes to our teams!  Why mostly football?  Well because it is football season and the season is not that long compared to other sports.  We will pick up on hockey and basketball once football is over.  Once those are done we will start with baseball.  See how it works?  We might throw in some teasers in mid-season but not all the time.

I use this page mostly for my own personal stuff and my son has his own as well that he uses for his rants.  In case you don't know it here is the link for that so follow all 3 pages to get the best of our worlds.


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