Friday, November 5, 2010

Final results of Halloween

First off sorry for the delay in getting this posted real life has been a bitch. Now for the the story. We got everything setup pretty much on time and had a blast! People were saying that my buddy should start charging but that is a whole other ball game. I had people requesting to take pictures with me LOL I am the one dressed in all black with the makeup ROFL. We put a strobe light in the tunnel and I was sneaking in through the out door where the maze was people were FREAKED out hahahahaha. I had a group of 4 mid eastern descent take pictures with me IN the tunnel the funny part about this is that I scared them 2 times in side of 10 minutes LOL. Then when I left the tunnel another group that I scared asked to take a picture with me.  The picture on the other hand with the flash of me in the tunnel you can see the clowns there is a witch behind me.  What a great night and the end of a fantastic week hanging with my buddy.  Now for some pictures.

Me and my buddy

My buddy's family

My bud and his wife

The maze

The opening of tunnel

Monster in a box

Final setup of props

My nieces

Right side of yard

Me inside tunnel with no flash

With flash love the evil clowns

Don't text and drive I'll see you in hell

Here is a day and night walk through video's of the setup the night is kind of rough you can't really tell what is hanging in the tunnel with the strobe light.

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