Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rock n Shock with the Gruesome Twosome at the DCU in Worcester, MA

I guess I will start with the freak show Rock and Shock at the DCU was a great time.  I am not a big horror fan but was pretty cool got to see a lot of very strange things.  My buddy loves Halloween and horror movies he sets his house up every Halloween pretty cool stuff.  I meet some of his friends that he does haunts with and they make stuff for props.  One of them Chris who owns Deceased Clothing who I decided to buy a shirt from instead of the of a concert shirt.  I picked up Deux number 288 (there is only 300 of each shirt made) his shirt is of better quality then a concert shirt and less expensive.  We also found out that we could go after the concert to see GWAR.  Now for some Murderdolls, Alice Cooper, and Rob Zombie.  I thought the Murderdolls were good was the first time I have heard them. This was my first time seeing Cooper boy did he live up to everything I have heard about him.  His show had everything from him beheading himself, hanging himself getting stuck with many sharp objects this should not and did not detract from his music he sounded fantastic with a lot of energy (for his age 62). This was the first time I have seen Zombie in a indoor arena I have seen him now 12 times.  He had all his pyro going in that small arena LOL WOW could feel the heat and we were basicly 3/4 of the way back only about 8 rows off the floor and could feel the heat LOL.  He got fined 10k for running pass 11 what a joke I really hate MA laws.  He put on his typical show it was nuts of course out of the 3 bands only Zombie had a pit going in the middle of the floor guess that is what you get for having GA for the floor.  We never made it to see GWAR our bodies where done from standing and walking all day.  So we left and got forced to go a way that we weren't familiar when we left the garage.  So we were following the road around the other side of the garage and my buddy took a wrong turn but we ended up behind a WAAF van which we decided to follow they led us back to Route 9 LOL.  Follow this link for pictures and this for a video of the show.

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