Friday, October 8, 2010

Just a rant and a review about Visio Razor 22 inch HD TV

I think they should cane stupid mother fuckers who write viruses!  Yes they help keep me employed BUT when I got other projects and shit to do I don't need them I am way to busy.
Now that I got that off my chest my wife picked me up a early Christmas present a nice Vizio Razor 22 inch HD TV it is sweet the sound is ok but I don't watch a lot of movies or listen to music in my room and a fantastic picture.  If you click on the link I would agree with most of the reviews as far as picture and sound.  I love this tv for the price it is perfect.  Didn't need anything to big it is in my bedroom and I am only about 8 feet from it.  Haven't played any Xbox on it yet but I will.  I need to put a network cable up to the room which I found out on Saturday is easier said then done.  I have a snake I put it down the hole but I can't seem to find the end of it down stairs driving me CRAZY!  Yes no comments from the peanut gallery on that one.  I got so much crap that I have to do around this house I have NO idea where the HELL I am going to start.  Think I need to get outside and start with the yard and the shed then start to move stuff into the shed.  Till the next time I decide to rant have a good one!

Go here if you want some stuff I wrote on the New England Patriots and more sports talk.

PS I have a good one just need a longer one :p


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  1. Once you start playing games, you'll say, "damn, even at just 8 feet away, I could go for the bigger TV" lol.