Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pissed off RANT

First of it is NOT cool to be walking on the wrong side of the hallway pushing a cart that could easily take some out! Then you take a left turn from said wrong side of the hall! Second your lucky to still be alive for giving me that fucking dirty look like I did something wrong!!!!! I am telling people walk like they drive in this state!!! Now that I mentioned people driving STOP signs are there for a REASON! Oh BTW that person standing in the cross walk actually has the right way you MORON! If they put a cop on that corner they could wipe out the federal deficit in one month! It is a wonder no one has gotten smoked at that cross walk never mind it is a one way coming down to the entrance of the hospital! I have actually seen someone make it up that road without killing anyone seeing I was in the cross walk when that happened! People need to learn to PAY ATTENTION when they are driving this really isn't an option!
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