Saturday, September 11, 2010

I call BS on either Verizon or Samsung

Ok just read a review of the new Samsung Galaxy for Verizon called the Fascinate which I am thinking about getting the AT&T version Captivate.  One major issue I have with this is that the default search engine is Bing and it CAN NOT be changed according to the review!  Now I know I make my living off of the misfortunes of people using MS products so this would be the reason I wouldn't buy a phone with MS product on it!  The phone is a Android phone which is means it is a GOOGLE phone not a MS phone!  My buddy has the new Captivate I will be checking it out tonight and giving a follow up to this.  I truly hope this is a Verizon issue and not Samsung issue then I will be pissed.  Stay tuned for an update either tonight or tomorrow morning  before my football rants.

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