Saturday, September 25, 2010

The end of a GREAT vacation on Cape Cod...BTW CC is a meca for Mini Golf...

Well just spent a week at with the love of my life. For the price this place was very nice the heated indoor pool was a bonus. The place was very well maintained and clean the pool was well kept. Despite what the wife says the bed was GINORMOUS! We had a great time the only 3 things that sucked were the Pats losing, 25+ mph winds most of the week (got windburn on my face) and having to come home. Here is the break down of the events of the week:


We got there earlier then expected was able to check in early (bonus) then we went to Tommy Doyle's to eat,drink and watch some football with a friend of ours.  We also froze our asses off due to the fact they had the AC set to like -20 and I usually don't bitch about the cold but that was ridiculous!  So we decided to head back to the hotel and jump in the heated pool to warm up LOL was a great idea till we stepped outside to go back to our room's was kind of chilly LOL!


We went site seeing, drinking, and eating on Marthas Vinyard had a great time with our friend.  We decided to get a all day pass for the bus system (a lot less expensive then cabbing it) it cost us 15 dollars for 3 passes that is 1 cab trip from Vinyard Haven to Edgartown never mind we went to OB and had to go back to VH to catch the boat (they didn't tell us that OB was closed) which kind of pissed us off. I was pleasantly surprise at how efficient and well maintained the system is even though they didn't mention the fact the boat was not leaving OB.  We ate at great food and fantastic view of Chappaquiddick.  Then we were off to for some fantastic micro-brew beer.  I HIGHLY recommend BOTH of these places as a must stop at if you are on MV.  This is when we found out about OB being closed so by the time we got to VH the boat was pulling away from the dock.  We got back kind of late but not too late so we headed to the BBC (British Beer Company) for a couple of drinks.


Well our friend was off she was going to stick around but decided to get a early jump on getting home.  She should of stuck around because we decided to play some mini-golf and go out for Chinese food and scorpion bowls at LOL!  That was a great idea the food was very good and the scorpion bowls were GREAT!  So we found a couple of places that were ok then we discovered Pirate Cove OMFG one the best I have ever played of course they were just about to close when we got there and they have 2 courses so we played one of them then went back the next day (our anniversary) to play the other.  I think we ended up playing a total of 3 different courses on Tuesday.  Two of them were just ok then Pirate Cove see above statement.

Wednesday our anniversary:

Got off to a slow start because I was researching mini-golf on the CC I found a couple that we hadn't tried yet so off we went to Pirate Cove to play the second course we weren't disappointed was just as good as the first course.  Then we went down the road a little ways to another place that was good but we ended up at Holiday Hills a very old school type course with more moles and bumps then obstacles it was a very nice course and well maintained.  We found one more that was just ok but I almost went swimming because the wife put her ball in the water and we still have no idea how it happened LOL.  By this time we were getting hungry so we headed back to our room to decide where to go.  After doing some research for Italian Restaurant's in the area we settled on The Roadhouse Cafe.  I know that doesn't scream Italian boy were we mildly surprised what a fantastic place and the food was out of this world!  Oh there was a bonus too on our way in there was a older couple leaving that gave us coupon for 10 bucks off of entrees because they didn't use it.  I had the best Seafood Fra Diavolo that I have ever had I have had my fair share.  The wife got the Chicken Homard which is basically boneless chicken breast stuffed with lobster she was floored at how good it was. We were so stuffed from dinner we basically went back to the room and crashed LOL!


We went site seeing down at Wells Fleet was hoping to catch some pictures of wild life and just hang with the wife and enjoy and beautiful day.  It was the best day as far as the weather was concerned.  We got to walk some very nice beaches and relax and enjoyed each others company.  We got to see some wild life like seals and birds but not much it would be a place you have to go during peak time to see a lot.  They have bike trails and hiking trails all over the place at least now we know what to expect next year when we go back.  I will bring my fishing rods and spend the day at one of the beaches.  This is where we discovered the fact that my digital binoculars were busted :(.  We started to get hungry and headed back to the room to go out for a pizza and a couple of beers.  Of course on the way back we found a couple more mini-golf spots that we will keep in mind for next year LOL.  We ended up at BBC for the second time this week.  I love that place almost as much as Doyle's.  Then we were off to jump in the heated pool again and pack seeing we were leaving the next day.


Finished packing showered then off to home sweet home.  The house wasn't a total mess like were expecting!  Our son did a pretty good job of keeping it somewhat clean although we both know dishes is not his strong suite LOL.
So there you have it our anniversary week vacation was a great time and look forward to doing again next year.  Of course that would mean she put up with me for another year LOL.  I guess after 20 years already I don't think it would be to far a stretch.

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