Saturday, August 28, 2010

Social Networking security

I know with the craze of "social networking" security and privacy is a major issue and will continue to be. Some people are confused by all of these settings and changes well I am going to try and clear it up for you.  If you log on to various sites with an account then you will need to check there settings for privacy and security this includes cell phone use.  If you just use a site and don't have an account or have an account and don't log in you should be fine.  I am not saying all sites have these issues but there are going to be some.  The important thing is that if you don't want people to know anything then don't put it out there.  If you are going to put it out there make sure you control your settings very tightly.  Check your settings at least once month pay attention to the news and other outlets such as that might tip you off to pending issues.  I will try to be one of those outlets for you.  With cell phones turning into small computers this is going to be even more prevalent in the near future for you to keep up on.  Some cell phones have what they call firewall just like your computer that you might have to tweak.  I know with Blackberry's there are settings for when an application is installed and needs network connection it prompts you for permission this is by default no need to change anything.  Not sure if this is the case for other cell phones I will try and get some answers for you.