Monday, July 25, 2011

Been a long time

So much has happened life has taken a few twist.  One got a promotion so my job and career have taken a front seat to almost everything.  First off I am going to start with WTG Boston Bruins.  We also now have FOOTBALL again so go PATS!

That is enough of sports.

I also got a new phone since the last time I posted no more Blackberry for me got a Samsung Epic and I freaking love this phone.  Been a flashaholic LOL. I have run most of the roms for the Epic that are posted on XDA forums. Currently running one that isn't allowed to be posted on XDA because of the rules.  I am running on both mine and the wifes a rom called Bonsai very stable and great battery life.  The wife can get 4 days out of a full charge with moderate text.  I get a full day out of it with over 3 hours listening to music and a ton of text.

Went to Mayhem in Mansfield what a great time. All my videos are here.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Added update to BlackBerry and OS 6

I know it has been a few since I have posted but life has been very busy lately.  I recently upgrade my Bold 9700 to the latest OS version of Blackberry called OS 6.  The latest build is .448 it solved a lot of bugs in earlier versions. It is freaking sweet! A lot of new stuff and new ways of doing things but if are use to the way of doing things in OS 5 this is so much smoother and it doesn't take a lot to get use to.  You can scroll side to side throw "window panes" a simple click brings the window open. There are many different ways to access things such as settings.  Scroll to the very top where the date and time are and click this is the same as going into options.  You can setup your favorite apps in one of the "windows".  You-tube WORKS! They have a bundle for those of you that use both Facebook and Twitter called "social feeds". OS 6 is so much faster and smoother.  I must say I have been looking at Android's and Windows 7 devices for my next upgrade but they might of just changed my mind with this OS.  Time will tell what I do as far as upgrade but BB has won me back over with this new OS.  I think OS 6 is also available for some Curve models not sure.  If your interested go to and search for "leaked os".

Just my 2 cents


These are the available device
BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700 BlackBerry® Bold™ 9650 BlackBerry® Curve™ 9330 BlackBerry® Curve™ 9300 BlackBerry® Pearl™ 9100
Also for a demo go here:

Friday, December 10, 2010

The art of 5 card draw

I know I said no sports talk but really is poker a sport?  What is up with people is my main question?  No I am not an expert or a pro at poker but I know how to play very well.  I know the odds on my hands and I know the ranking of hands.  I would go to Foxwoods or Mohegan if I could afford to go but I can't so I don't.  When you go to places like that you can't expect to walk out of there a winner or break even you have to expect to lose.  Which I can not afford to do.  I play at FULL TILT and they have recently added draw games along with stud which I do know how to play but really haven't, because I really like draw.  I have won 3 6 person tourney's in the last 2 weeks using what I am telling you.  No there not big buy ins only 5 or 6 dollar.  Now on with my point.  I get that you get excited over 4 cards of the same suit or 4 to a straight, but do you really know your odds at a 6 person table and everyone is in the pot, what the odds are of you hitting what you need?  Even if more then one other person besides the blinds is in the pot.  The odds are very slim and when I say very that is a understatement!  No I am not going to give you numbers because you can find those anywhere on the net also those numbers are just the odds of you hitting those combos without consideration of how many people are in the pot.  The only time you should ever try to draw to those hands is if you are in the blind (preferably in the big blind) with NO raises behind you and the blinds are low.  Well I am on that subject if the blinds are mediocre and you are in the small blind it still is not ok to go for those.  The way I look at it is if you have to put money in it isn't ok.  If your limping in it is ok sometimes but don't make a habit of it.   Also it is all right for you to throw in a low to middle pair if you are out of position by position I mean not in the blinds and raises behind you. Do not raise on a pair unless it is Ace's or a picture cards also known was Jack, Queen or King pre-draw.  I really don't advise pre-draw raise unless you have trips or better.  Now for after the draw it is ok if you hit the trips to raise but watch what other people discard if they discard 3 it would be a good move yes you could lose by a better set of trips but hell it is poker.  If a person discards 1 or 2 cards this could mean they have 2 pair or trips.  It could also mean they are doing what I advise NOT to do and drawing to a flush or straight.  They could get lucky one way to tell is if you bet first, bet half the pot see what they do if they hit they will raise.  Then the question becomes what did they hit the trips or a boat or the straight or flush.  You usually know the answer once your blinds get up to hundreds how that person plays.  Which brings me to another thing watch how people bet and on what sometimes you might have to go against them early just to know what they are doing later.  One thing you NEVER want to do is try to bluff it usually will back fire.  I do it to catch people off guard for when I have a killer hand they will think I am bluffing again and go in with me.  This is used on a per-game basis.  Keep in mind boys and girls this isn't hold'em where you can luck out with a lot of cards it is 5 card and your options are limited.  OH btw stay away from the ones labeled TD those are triple draw and it is the lowest hand wins. Which goes against all of my instincts LOL.

Hope this helps,


If you have any question feel free to drop me a note.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Michael Vick none sports talk

Yes I know I said I wasn't going to talk about sports on this page BUT this really isn't going to be about sports it is going to be more about man kind and what a bunch of stuck up unforgiven/forgiven (depends on situation I guess) assholes humans beings can be!  We tend to forgive and forget for the most part or as I like to say selective forgiveness or forgetfulness.  If you want sports talk go here but the Vick article that I wrote there has made me want to put one here.  The other article is about Vick and football players.  To me it is a said world when people will condemn a man both judicially and publicly for animal cruelty but not for killing, raping, beating women and I am not just talking athletes but celebrities in general. Let me start off with I am not condoning what Vick did it was very vial. I am not going to go down the path of OJ.  I will go down another path such as Vince Neil from Motley Crue killing someone well DUI and only spends 30 days in jail and never does commercials or talks at schools about DUI. Paris Hilton not going to schools or anything speaking out against drugs. I know there are many others that I could name but right now my CRS is kicking in (can't remember shit). But here is Vick going to schools and giving lectures about dog fighting and doing the right thing and people are still chastising him?!?!?!?! WTF seriously Vick did more time 18 months for what he did then Neil did for killing a HUMAN being that was providing for a family!  But yet Neil is forgiving?  Don't get me wrong I like MC never really liked him as a person but I like the music. I heard he was a major dick even before the incident. No I am not going to stop seeing a band I like because one person is a asshole or did something wrong just like I am not going to stop liken a team for the same reason.  But in this case Michael Vick has done things against what he did that NO OTHER or NOT MANY others have done and is still catching crap for it.

Just my 2 cents now I need to get crap done around the house

Sunday, November 14, 2010

No sports talk on my page and why.

In case you have not noticed I originally put in my header that I would be talking about sports well I just removed that.  Why?  Because I am actually posting with my son on his blog that is all about sports.  Here is the link for the sports talk yes it is mostly related to Boston teams for now and mostly football.  You may ask but why?  The short answer is Boston fans are fanatics when it comes to our teams!  Why mostly football?  Well because it is football season and the season is not that long compared to other sports.  We will pick up on hockey and basketball once football is over.  Once those are done we will start with baseball.  See how it works?  We might throw in some teasers in mid-season but not all the time.

I use this page mostly for my own personal stuff and my son has his own as well that he uses for his rants.  In case you don't know it here is the link for that so follow all 3 pages to get the best of our worlds.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Final results of Halloween

First off sorry for the delay in getting this posted real life has been a bitch. Now for the the story. We got everything setup pretty much on time and had a blast! People were saying that my buddy should start charging but that is a whole other ball game. I had people requesting to take pictures with me LOL I am the one dressed in all black with the makeup ROFL. We put a strobe light in the tunnel and I was sneaking in through the out door where the maze was people were FREAKED out hahahahaha. I had a group of 4 mid eastern descent take pictures with me IN the tunnel the funny part about this is that I scared them 2 times in side of 10 minutes LOL. Then when I left the tunnel another group that I scared asked to take a picture with me.  The picture on the other hand with the flash of me in the tunnel you can see the clowns there is a witch behind me.  What a great night and the end of a fantastic week hanging with my buddy.  Now for some pictures.

Me and my buddy

My buddy's family

My bud and his wife

The maze

The opening of tunnel

Monster in a box

Final setup of props

My nieces

Right side of yard

Me inside tunnel with no flash

With flash love the evil clowns

Don't text and drive I'll see you in hell

Here is a day and night walk through video's of the setup the night is kind of rough you can't really tell what is hanging in the tunnel with the strobe light.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Update #1: Its Halloween time

Well as of last night when I left there are 6 working props, the tunnel which we built this week.  Next year we will be building another over his small yard and maybe driveway. Here are some pictures for now.  If you are in the West Roxbury area stop by and see it for yourself.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It is Halloween time

I know I haven't posted much lately but check back next week for some Halloween stuff.  I am on vacation helping my best friend set up his house for Halloween.  I am going to be a live prop also I happening to know there is going to be at least one more live prop this should be fun.  Nothing more fun then drinking and scaring the kids. LOL well till next week see yah.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rock n Shock with the Gruesome Twosome at the DCU in Worcester, MA

I guess I will start with the freak show Rock and Shock at the DCU was a great time.  I am not a big horror fan but was pretty cool got to see a lot of very strange things.  My buddy loves Halloween and horror movies he sets his house up every Halloween pretty cool stuff.  I meet some of his friends that he does haunts with and they make stuff for props.  One of them Chris who owns Deceased Clothing who I decided to buy a shirt from instead of the of a concert shirt.  I picked up Deux number 288 (there is only 300 of each shirt made) his shirt is of better quality then a concert shirt and less expensive.  We also found out that we could go after the concert to see GWAR.  Now for some Murderdolls, Alice Cooper, and Rob Zombie.  I thought the Murderdolls were good was the first time I have heard them. This was my first time seeing Cooper boy did he live up to everything I have heard about him.  His show had everything from him beheading himself, hanging himself getting stuck with many sharp objects this should not and did not detract from his music he sounded fantastic with a lot of energy (for his age 62). This was the first time I have seen Zombie in a indoor arena I have seen him now 12 times.  He had all his pyro going in that small arena LOL WOW could feel the heat and we were basicly 3/4 of the way back only about 8 rows off the floor and could feel the heat LOL.  He got fined 10k for running pass 11 what a joke I really hate MA laws.  He put on his typical show it was nuts of course out of the 3 bands only Zombie had a pit going in the middle of the floor guess that is what you get for having GA for the floor.  We never made it to see GWAR our bodies where done from standing and walking all day.  So we left and got forced to go a way that we weren't familiar when we left the garage.  So we were following the road around the other side of the garage and my buddy took a wrong turn but we ended up behind a WAAF van which we decided to follow they led us back to Route 9 LOL.  Follow this link for pictures and this for a video of the show.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Just a rant and a review about Visio Razor 22 inch HD TV

I think they should cane stupid mother fuckers who write viruses!  Yes they help keep me employed BUT when I got other projects and shit to do I don't need them I am way to busy.
Now that I got that off my chest my wife picked me up a early Christmas present a nice Vizio Razor 22 inch HD TV it is sweet the sound is ok but I don't watch a lot of movies or listen to music in my room and a fantastic picture.  If you click on the link I would agree with most of the reviews as far as picture and sound.  I love this tv for the price it is perfect.  Didn't need anything to big it is in my bedroom and I am only about 8 feet from it.  Haven't played any Xbox on it yet but I will.  I need to put a network cable up to the room which I found out on Saturday is easier said then done.  I have a snake I put it down the hole but I can't seem to find the end of it down stairs driving me CRAZY!  Yes no comments from the peanut gallery on that one.  I got so much crap that I have to do around this house I have NO idea where the HELL I am going to start.  Think I need to get outside and start with the yard and the shed then start to move stuff into the shed.  Till the next time I decide to rant have a good one!

Go here if you want some stuff I wrote on the New England Patriots and more sports talk.

PS I have a good one just need a longer one :p


Saturday, September 25, 2010

The end of a GREAT vacation on Cape Cod...BTW CC is a meca for Mini Golf...

Well just spent a week at with the love of my life. For the price this place was very nice the heated indoor pool was a bonus. The place was very well maintained and clean the pool was well kept. Despite what the wife says the bed was GINORMOUS! We had a great time the only 3 things that sucked were the Pats losing, 25+ mph winds most of the week (got windburn on my face) and having to come home. Here is the break down of the events of the week:


We got there earlier then expected was able to check in early (bonus) then we went to Tommy Doyle's to eat,drink and watch some football with a friend of ours.  We also froze our asses off due to the fact they had the AC set to like -20 and I usually don't bitch about the cold but that was ridiculous!  So we decided to head back to the hotel and jump in the heated pool to warm up LOL was a great idea till we stepped outside to go back to our room's was kind of chilly LOL!


We went site seeing, drinking, and eating on Marthas Vinyard had a great time with our friend.  We decided to get a all day pass for the bus system (a lot less expensive then cabbing it) it cost us 15 dollars for 3 passes that is 1 cab trip from Vinyard Haven to Edgartown never mind we went to OB and had to go back to VH to catch the boat (they didn't tell us that OB was closed) which kind of pissed us off. I was pleasantly surprise at how efficient and well maintained the system is even though they didn't mention the fact the boat was not leaving OB.  We ate at great food and fantastic view of Chappaquiddick.  Then we were off to for some fantastic micro-brew beer.  I HIGHLY recommend BOTH of these places as a must stop at if you are on MV.  This is when we found out about OB being closed so by the time we got to VH the boat was pulling away from the dock.  We got back kind of late but not too late so we headed to the BBC (British Beer Company) for a couple of drinks.


Well our friend was off she was going to stick around but decided to get a early jump on getting home.  She should of stuck around because we decided to play some mini-golf and go out for Chinese food and scorpion bowls at LOL!  That was a great idea the food was very good and the scorpion bowls were GREAT!  So we found a couple of places that were ok then we discovered Pirate Cove OMFG one the best I have ever played of course they were just about to close when we got there and they have 2 courses so we played one of them then went back the next day (our anniversary) to play the other.  I think we ended up playing a total of 3 different courses on Tuesday.  Two of them were just ok then Pirate Cove see above statement.

Wednesday our anniversary:

Got off to a slow start because I was researching mini-golf on the CC I found a couple that we hadn't tried yet so off we went to Pirate Cove to play the second course we weren't disappointed was just as good as the first course.  Then we went down the road a little ways to another place that was good but we ended up at Holiday Hills a very old school type course with more moles and bumps then obstacles it was a very nice course and well maintained.  We found one more that was just ok but I almost went swimming because the wife put her ball in the water and we still have no idea how it happened LOL.  By this time we were getting hungry so we headed back to our room to decide where to go.  After doing some research for Italian Restaurant's in the area we settled on The Roadhouse Cafe.  I know that doesn't scream Italian boy were we mildly surprised what a fantastic place and the food was out of this world!  Oh there was a bonus too on our way in there was a older couple leaving that gave us coupon for 10 bucks off of entrees because they didn't use it.  I had the best Seafood Fra Diavolo that I have ever had I have had my fair share.  The wife got the Chicken Homard which is basically boneless chicken breast stuffed with lobster she was floored at how good it was. We were so stuffed from dinner we basically went back to the room and crashed LOL!


We went site seeing down at Wells Fleet was hoping to catch some pictures of wild life and just hang with the wife and enjoy and beautiful day.  It was the best day as far as the weather was concerned.  We got to walk some very nice beaches and relax and enjoyed each others company.  We got to see some wild life like seals and birds but not much it would be a place you have to go during peak time to see a lot.  They have bike trails and hiking trails all over the place at least now we know what to expect next year when we go back.  I will bring my fishing rods and spend the day at one of the beaches.  This is where we discovered the fact that my digital binoculars were busted :(.  We started to get hungry and headed back to the room to go out for a pizza and a couple of beers.  Of course on the way back we found a couple more mini-golf spots that we will keep in mind for next year LOL.  We ended up at BBC for the second time this week.  I love that place almost as much as Doyle's.  Then we were off to jump in the heated pool again and pack seeing we were leaving the next day.


Finished packing showered then off to home sweet home.  The house wasn't a total mess like were expecting!  Our son did a pretty good job of keeping it somewhat clean although we both know dishes is not his strong suite LOL.
So there you have it our anniversary week vacation was a great time and look forward to doing again next year.  Of course that would mean she put up with me for another year LOL.  I guess after 20 years already I don't think it would be to far a stretch.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pissed off RANT

First of it is NOT cool to be walking on the wrong side of the hallway pushing a cart that could easily take some out! Then you take a left turn from said wrong side of the hall! Second your lucky to still be alive for giving me that fucking dirty look like I did something wrong!!!!! I am telling people walk like they drive in this state!!! Now that I mentioned people driving STOP signs are there for a REASON! Oh BTW that person standing in the cross walk actually has the right way you MORON! If they put a cop on that corner they could wipe out the federal deficit in one month! It is a wonder no one has gotten smoked at that cross walk never mind it is a one way coming down to the entrance of the hospital! I have actually seen someone make it up that road without killing anyone seeing I was in the cross walk when that happened! People need to learn to PAY ATTENTION when they are driving this really isn't an option!
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

I call BS on either Verizon or Samsung

Ok just read a review of the new Samsung Galaxy for Verizon called the Fascinate which I am thinking about getting the AT&T version Captivate.  One major issue I have with this is that the default search engine is Bing and it CAN NOT be changed according to the review!  Now I know I make my living off of the misfortunes of people using MS products so this would be the reason I wouldn't buy a phone with MS product on it!  The phone is a Android phone which is means it is a GOOGLE phone not a MS phone!  My buddy has the new Captivate I will be checking it out tonight and giving a follow up to this.  I truly hope this is a Verizon issue and not Samsung issue then I will be pissed.  Stay tuned for an update either tonight or tomorrow morning  before my football rants.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Social Networking security

I know with the craze of "social networking" security and privacy is a major issue and will continue to be. Some people are confused by all of these settings and changes well I am going to try and clear it up for you.  If you log on to various sites with an account then you will need to check there settings for privacy and security this includes cell phone use.  If you just use a site and don't have an account or have an account and don't log in you should be fine.  I am not saying all sites have these issues but there are going to be some.  The important thing is that if you don't want people to know anything then don't put it out there.  If you are going to put it out there make sure you control your settings very tightly.  Check your settings at least once month pay attention to the news and other outlets such as that might tip you off to pending issues.  I will try to be one of those outlets for you.  With cell phones turning into small computers this is going to be even more prevalent in the near future for you to keep up on.  Some cell phones have what they call firewall just like your computer that you might have to tweak.  I know with Blackberry's there are settings for when an application is installed and needs network connection it prompts you for permission this is by default no need to change anything.  Not sure if this is the case for other cell phones I will try and get some answers for you.